Topcon GLS2200

‧ 獨特的掃描模式,可以捕獲密集的濕混凝土數據和更大的區域。
‧ 通過 MAGNET Collage 以 1 毫米平面擬合精度獲得更清晰的數據。
‧ HDR 成像能力增強 3D 模型渲染結果。
‧ 測量員式設置使掃描儀與設計文件的坐標系同步,減少了後處理時間。
‧ 無與倫比的 200m 設置目標範圍減少了設置數量。
‧ API 允許第 3 方軟件直接與掃描儀交互以實現獨特的行業應用。


使用最新的掃描和工作流程技術快速處理任何工作。GLS-2200 具有獨特的測量風格設置和用戶友好的處理軟件,可將冗長的掃描過程轉變為快速簡便的工作流程



我們的掃描解決方案可幫助您提高工作效率。與 ClearEdge3D Verity 一起,簡化的驗證工作流程涵蓋了


Capture reality on your terms

The GLS-2200 scanners consist of three comparable yet distinct models:the GLS-2200S(short-range),GLS-2200M(medium-range),and GLS-2200L(ong-range)。 Each model is a full-featured scanner that can be effectively deployed to capture existing,as-built conditions based on the measurement range requirements of the application。 The innovative capabilities of the GLS-2200 combined with its rugged field design,provide users with a purposeful solution that will stand up to the most extreme work environments。

Versatile and adaptable

The GLS-2200 offers quick,simple and effective ways of capturing 3D point cloud data at high speed without sacrificing the accuracy desired by today's demanding professionals。 With one-button to start scanning,on-board enabled occupation,and backsight orientation features。 along with MAGNET Collage software- the GLS-2200 portfolio provides a solution suited to any industry professional wanting the most value from their scanning investment。

Dual cameras-wide-angle and zoom

Equipped with dual 5 megapixel cameras,including a 1700 wide-angle camera that obtains images at high speed anod an 8.9 * telephoto camera that is coaxial with the measuring axis,the GLS-2200 is reacdy to capture every detail。